Rescued Diamond B Farms

Our First dog that rescued us

Hagan was the first dog we rescued. He is the most amazing dog we have ever had.

Hagan started us on this journey that has allowed us to help hundreds of dogs find their furrever homes.

We do our best to find a dog that will meet your needs. Many of our dogs are pulled from down south and we work with some amazing folks that help to determine the demeanor of the dogs we pull.

Rescued Diamond B Farms

We are a new dog and puppy rescue. We got started this adventure in 2017 when we adopted our very first dog. We want to give others the opportunity to feel the love a dog or puppy who is as special as ours.


All dogs

Big and small


Hedgesville, WV

Call, text or email for more information

(410) 756-0021


Pet Adoption Application

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